Q: What is Deaf Night Out (aka DNO)?

A: Our goal is to provide you with good times, good folks, and good cheer in good places. To do that we organize Deaf Night Out. DNO is a regular event for the Deaf & signing communities. Deaf adults, interpreters, signing students, and the merely curious are all welcome. We are a nationwide network of event hosts that work together to meet a common standard and provide a setting where we can all be welcomed.

Q: Can I set up DNO in my city/state?

A: If you are very interested in becoming a host/hostess, send an email to contact@deafnightout.com. DNO will set up videophone meeting with you to assist you setting up an authorized and official DNO for your city/state and create a DNO account for you on the website to post your upcoming events.

Q: My hometown has DNO events, but they are not on DNO website. Why?

A: Sometimes a person will use DNO’s name without DNO’s permission. This unauthorized use, but it happens usually because they are unaware of the name’s ownership. In most cases, they will contact DNO to make it official and to get their event on the DNO website. This helps make sure people nationally and internationally can find DNO events near them. Unauthorized/unofficial DNO-named events that are not on the DNO website can cause confusion as well as leave people in the dark about events they are not already familiar with. We want to keep DNO standards high and ensure local organizers are reliable and in tune with the local community. We also do not want DNO exploited for commercial purposes. DNO is a social community event, not a marketing vehicle.

Therefore, we do not allow use of the Deaf Night Out or DNO name without permission. We believe in collaborative efforts and want official DNO events to be listed on a central website available to ALL.

Q: Do I get paid for being a DNO host/hostess or photographer?

A: No. DNO is operated by all volunteers. However, if you want to display your photographs taken at DNO events, you can use DNO website for this. Ask how.

Q: Can I fundraise an event through DNO?

A: Again, DNO is a community social event. Even so, we do recognize there are worthy causes that would benefit by exposure at a DNO event. Any public, fundraiser or sponsored events involving the use of the Deaf Night Out or DNO names will be reviewed. Please email details of your request to contact@deafnightout.com.

Q: Does DNO need a committee(s) for my city/state?

A: Not really. You really only need one person to be host or hostess for a location. We prefer to have just one contact person. But you can certainly have gathers and community feedback. Feel free to use a team for bar/restaurant/venue suggestions and consideration for upcoming events. It should be simple.

Q: Can I become a DNO photographer?

A: Yes, you can. Email contact@deafnightout.com. DNO will setup videophone meeting with you to discuss setup of a DNO website account for you to use and photo criteria and standards.

Q: Do I have to pay reservation fee at restaurant/bar/club to host for DNO events?

A: No. DO NOT pay for a reservation fee. DNO events bring in money for the venue by way of food and drink sales. Venues should not ask for any type of fee. We bring them extra business! Whoever comes in, that’s that! If you pay a reservation such as private party, VIP access section – it will be on YOUR own expense. DNO will NOT be responsible for it.

Q: Are DNO events family friendly?

A: Yes, DNO encourages all host/hostess to set up an event at a venue that benefits the local community.  Consider venues such as restaurant/bar/club in one. This helps increase diversity and allows for people of all ages, including singles and family, as well as people of varying cultures. However, keep in mind – DNO events typically start at 5:00 PM. Children are usually expected to leave by 10:00 PM. This is a local matter, though, which depends on your local community’s preferences.

Q: Are there any DNO events for the LGBT community?

A: Yes. If you don’t see any LGBT events in your area, we will be happy to assist you in setting one your location. An LGBT-specific event can be set up separately from other local DNO events in your area. We do stress the need for inclusiveness, however.

Q: If a regular DNO event and a DNO-LGBT event are planned in the same area on the same weekend, what should I do?

A: Compromise and teamwork is recommended. Contact other host/hostess to discuss which weekend to reserve and make it permanent. Keep your alliances open and cooperate so people feel welcome at all DNO events.

Q: If major events such as a Deaf sports or Deaf Awareness event happen near where DNO events are scheduled, what happens?

A: Experience shows it works best if the DNO closest to the major event has a DNO event around the same time. This is convenient for both DNO regulars and attendees of the major event. Sometimes a schedule change must be coordinated to keep things smooth. This is fine. Let us know if we can assist or advise.

Q: If my local host/hostess has not created DNO events lately, what happens?

A: All DNO’s hosts/hostesses are responsible for scheduling the DNO events monthly. Ideally, they should plan two weeks prior to the actual event date to give everyone the opportunity to make plans. We expect hosts and hostesses to be active. We do realize hosts and hostesses are volunteers and do have lives and that things happen. People sometimes even get tired and want to move on to other things. This is normal. If there are problems with DNO or DNO hosts or hostesses, open and friendly communication helps. If there is anything we can assist with or provide advice on, please contact us at contact@deafnightout.com.

Q: Can I be banned from DNO events?

A: Yes and No: Yes, you can be banned from a venue. Private businesses establish their own expectations of conduct. Some businesses have signs saying they “reserve the right to refuse serve.” However, DNO hosts and hostesses cannot make an exclusive decision to ban you from attending DNO events. But nobody wants needless drama or activities which would harm the reputation of DNO, our community, or the hosts or hostesses. Local hosts do have the right to pursue whatever legal remedy they feel necessary to protect themselves.

Q: Is Deaf Night Out only for Deaf people or can hearing people attend?

A: Deaf Night Out is a community event that welcomes all Deaf patrons. We do encourage inclusiveness. DNO welcomes anyone connected to the signing community; Hearing/Parents of Deaf, friends, friends of friends, friend’s family, etc. Children/Kids of Deaf Adults (CODAs and KODAs), Interpreters, new signers, Interpreter Training Program (ITP) students, partners and significant others who are non-signers… are all welcome!

Q: Is Deaf Night Out run by some other company?

A: No, it is an independent company run by empowered Deaf people as a gift to our community. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. You made DNO all possible for your community and the greater good!

These questions and their answers are based on common questions we have been asked.

For general questions, please email: contact@deafnightout.com.

For website advertising inquiries, email: advertising@deafnightout.com.